Sanity Saver for Self-Isolation #2

This is the second special edition of the Words of Wellbeing- Sanity Savers for Self-Isolation.

By now all of my readers will be in self-isolation of some sort; whether working from home, having lost their main source of income, having their kids being home schooled, or being in a high risk health category.

It is a strange time for everyone - learning how to teach (when you sometimes don't understand the work yourself), working 100% online, trying to figure out Government support, finding ways to exercise inside and mourning the loss of our everyday freedoms such as eating out, travelling, relaxing at the beach or getting together with friends. 

Remember - as we hear a thousand times a day - we are all in this together. We all have ideas for ways to entertain ourselves, learn new hobbies and to communicate with friends and family so be sure to share. Keep an eye on your neighbours and reach out and support others in the community to make sure they are OK and have everything they need. 

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