Christmas Wellbeing Tips!

2020 has passed in a blur and Christmas is on our doorstep. For my readers in Australia and NZ - well done! We have achieved zero cases of Covid and will be rewarded by spending Christmas with our regular group of family and friends. To my readers in the US and Europe - hang in there! Know that lock down isn't forever (although sometimes it may feel like it) and the benefits will outweigh the challenges when you are allowed out to connect with one another again.

Always try to think of the positives when going through challenging times - the precious time you can now spend with family when you aren't rushing from event to event, the new hobbies you may have discovered, home cooked meals, getting your hands dirty pottering in the garden or even a new TV show you have gotten lost in. If we can train our brain to always "look on the bright side of life" it is fabulous for our overall mental health - especially at Christmas!

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