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If you’re unsure of how Kerri can help you but know you need a sort out, get her out for a visit!!

9 mths ago I had the BIGGEST shifts to date in what was my home business, she helped my focus, energy and physical workspace.

Results were and still are amazing. I’ve just had a few hiccups in my NEW commercial offices and just having her out again rebalanced everything.

Kerri, thank you so so much for the passion and commitment you brought to me and look forward to our further ‘shifts’ as and when I need you!

Kelly Bulimba QLD

Kerri was so supportive and I found Kerri a wealth of knowledge. 

I would recommend this service 100x over! Kerri is organised and prepared, she has great reasoning and lets you make the decisions for yourself, there is no pressure to throw away anything that you feel you need to keep. She has amazing knowledge about personalities and can describe a person just by looking at their room! Thanks so much Kerri.

Selena from Birkdale QLD


Over the last few weeks I have been feeling amazing. Doing the declutter with Kerri has been part of a massive amount of emotional work and healing.

This has allowed me to review the situation check my emotional state to see if I am still holding onto emotions that are no longer valid whilst also enhancing and providing more fond memories of passed loved ones.

I don’t think I have ever undergone as dramatic a cleanout as what Kerri assisted me with and really did not know that from this exercise comes so much good. I believe what we started to be extremely vital for me in moving forward and upward in my life. Plus I can’t believe we covered it in the time we did!

Thanks so much Kerri for your wonderful organisation skills, support and warmth.

Sarah from Toowong QLD

I have been looking for something to help me with my relationship which had become very stagnant. I was feeling very unsettled and didn’t like my home environment either. Everything was starting to close in on me, which in turn was keeping my energy very low and I felt very unhappy.

I met Kerri at a networking event and I felt very comfortable speaking with her and found it really easy to be in her energy.  I needed to relieve my unhappiness and my emotional disconnection to everything.

Kerri visited my home and I spoke very candidly with her about my fears and aspirations. Kerri was approachable and a very good listener. Kerri is a very professional, caring lady. Her knowledge in changing one’s environment is insurmountable.

Jo from Sunshine Coast QLD


I have accomplished a LOT and things are definitely feeling different. I should have organised you earlier! It’s made a real difference. The kids helped me reorganise the office, and it looks FABULOUS. HUGE energy shift there. So thank you – not only for helping me to create better energy flow, but for inspiring me to turn my house into my home.

Lindy from Caridale QLD

Kerri what you have taught me has changed my life and I can’t thank you enough except by recommending you to everyone I know !!

Jessica from Tingalpa QLD

Meeting you Kerri was an amazing serendipitous happening for me. Your warm, supportive and non-judgemental manner allowed me to embrace the mammoth task of decluttering my home with more confidence and less fear. I had previously been so overwhelmed by the task that I just did not know where to start.

Thank you Kerri for your expertise, and compassionate understanding. I am so grateful to have met you and I enthusiastically recommend your services whenever I can.

Annie from Bellmere QLD

Vim from Anna Bay

Maree from Salamander Bay


A very enjoyable, fun day with heaps of valuable health information that was presented in a practical way with lots of humour sprinkled in between. I left the workshop feeling delightful, more knowledgeable & inspired. Thank you.

Ann from Nelson Bay

What has changed for you today after the Wellbeing Workshop?

A growing realization that it is OK for me to take time to work on myself and to make changes for myself instead of it always being about everyone else.

Kerri’s efficiency, focus, attention to detail, professionalism and her personal warmth was wonderful. Something else occurred that I did not expect. I experienced a deep transformational inner cleansing! I did know that de-cluttering and re organising has a direct effect on our inner world. However, I never knew it could be so powerful. The results were phenomenal!
My business expanded, I am more organised and I experience more flow in my life.

If you are considering hiring Kerri please don’t wait. Take action, hire her and experience the magic! Thank you Kerri! I am grateful that you came into my life and worked your magic! 

Margaret from Capalaba QLD

Kerri is so energetic, dynamic and motivated, a real breath of fresh air. She knows exactly what she’s doing – together we worked out the ‘big picture’ plan on day one, then a mini plan at the start of each session as we went.

Kerri is very organised and focused, and really gets stuck into it. Her gentle and intelligent guidance was never pushy, was always consultative, sensitive and respectful. She always encouraged helpful decisions, never forced them. At the end of each session there was always a sense of accomplishment, and we always achieved more than I thought possible.

Francoise from Mooroka QLD

Kerri has such a caring, generous and compassionate disposition which makes what could be an incredibly uncomfortable process, so much easier to manage.

Kerri is also a wealth of helpful information to help in other areas. We always managed to accomplish a great amount of transformation in such a short amount of time.

I highly recommend her services to anyone who is looking to be more efficient, organised and relaxed in their work, office or home space.

Michelle from Manly QLD

I would just like to say it was one of the nicest events I've ever been to. The passion and enthusiasm exuded from the presenters onto us. So ladies what are you waiting for? Sign up to the next workshop. A fantastic day in beautiful surroundings with passionate people to inspire you on your health journey. You will come away with a zest in your next step towards being the best version of you.

Juliette from One Mile

The Wellness Workshop was great and the presenters were wonderful, and knowledgeable in their field.

Thanks for such a great day on Saturday. Lots of things to think about and act on. Now to just make a start! I really enjoyed it and it was awesome to be with such a great bunch of women. 

Susan from Nelson Bay

Thanks so much to all of you... it was such a lovely day & so nice to spend it with such kind, honest & open women. Looking forward to the next one! 

Alicia from Nelson Bay

Having my bars run with Kerri was an amazing experience. I haven’t had any energy work done previously and was not sure what to expect. If anything, I entered the experience with a little doubt in my mind, thinking the experience would be nothing more than a relaxing hour alone for myself. Kerri was welcoming and explained everything clearly before beginning. The experience sent me into such a calm but highly conscious state that, even though Kerri advised bathroom trips were allowed during the session – and I needed to go, I didn’t want to because I didn’t want whatever was happening to end! After the session I felt an overwhelming sense of calm and clarity as well as a sense of feeling fresh and alive. After a year of start up business, these feelings and sensations are not something I have felt for a long time. People even commented how fresh and healthy I looked in the week following the experience. Thank you, Kerri. I highly recommend this experience!

Kayla from Nelson Bay

"You’ve been a perfect ray of sunshine in my life! My office is now renovated, sorted and organised just the way I wanted. Everything has its own special ‘place’ and now I will be able to maintain some order in my busy and chaotic real estate life - thank you so much!"

Michele from Corlette