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Founder of Workshops in Wellbeing

Kerri Rodley is a Positive Psychology & Wellbeing Practitioner, Workshop Facilitator, Speaker, Writer, Professional Organiser and Access Bars ® Practitioner with Workshops in Wellbeing. 

As the founder of Workshops in Wellbeing, her aim is to help clients focus on their wellbeing so they have more time and energy to connect with themselves, their families, their homes and their community.

Having worked in the wellbeing/positive psychology industry since 2009, Kerri has a Degree in Applied Science, a Diploma in Positive Psychology & Wellbeing and a background as a Professional Organiser specialising in hoarding cases. 

Her goal is to help clients become better versions of themselves through discovering their strengths, building resilience, becoming more organised and increasing their happiness.

Guest practitioners


Sheryl Hockey, Workshop Facilitator, Iridologist and Herbal Medicine Practitioner has been practicing for eleven years and her focus is on educating individuals to make healthy choices and help them understand how to peel back the layers of dis-ease in their bodies to uncover the shining health beneath.


With education, guidance, motivation and empowerment, she will walk beside you in your health journey to help you find the health within yourself.  

Fiona Brown, Workshop Facilitator, Life Coach, Reiki Master, crystal healing, hypnotherapy, neuro-linguistic programming, and matrix therapies, works with clients to design exactly how they want their life to be moving forward and incorporating a unique mix of strategies, processes, and experiences to help them evolve as a person.


Her love of learning, teaching, connecting with people, and desire to have others walk away feeling more enthusiastic, balanced, better-equipped, satisfied, and especially loves working with groups and tailoring her experience and knowledge to meet the needs of the group.

Robbi Wymer, Workshop Facilitator, Visual Artist and Art Therapist, has ten years experience and a Masters in Art Therapy.  As a registered Art Therapist, Robbi facilitates art therapy groups and workshops tailored to specific client groups and an organisation's needs.  


Her art themes range from environmental concerns to social and behavioural observations influenced by the community work as an art therapist and arts worker. 

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Workshops in Wellbeing aims to nurture bodies, minds, emotions and spirits through educational seminars, workshops and multi-day retreats. We offer a wide range of workshop topics including managing your emotions, building resilience, improving nutrition, goal setting, discovering strengths, increasing happiness, decluttering your home and mind, art therapy and so much more!  


Events range from two hour workshops through to full day retreats and include content presented by wellbeing practitioners, all notes & materials, healthy & delicious refreshments, meditation sessions and other hands-on activities.